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4/12/14 - Vanessa Hudgens at the 2014 Coachella Music Festival Desert Pool Party.

she is the motherfucking queen oh god
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I leave for the Philippines in less than 5 weeks. Five long weeks of late night studying but at least I know at the end of the semester, I’ll be on my way back to my hometown after 14 years. I’m excited to go and spend time with my grandparents after all these years we’ve been separated. I’m excited to see my extended family and to learn more about the lifestyle there. I’ve grown so accustom to the LA life that I’m definitely going to feel like an outcast or some sort. I’ll be spending time with my family, shopping, and eating hahah. I really am going to miss my boyfriend alot though. I’ve only been away from him three week at most but this trip is going to be double that. But hey, I’ve spent almost my entire life here in Cali. I think I owe it to myself to get to know where I was born and raised the first six years of my life. Still, this trip to the Philippines marks the beginning of my traveling journey. Next summer, I’m planning to go to Hawaii with my best friend. Probably stay there for a cool minute before I begin working in the real world. Time flies and in five weeks I’ll be a senior in college. One more year until I actually have to apply for real jobs and start making real money. I’m just taking life in at the moment because in all honesty, it’s been passing by me so quickly.
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when your favorite food is on the table.



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cute black dress
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