Summer 2014

I don’t want to type up a long ass post about how my summer went so I’m about to spam your dashboard. Sorry not sorry! 

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Disney - California Screamin’ by Express Monorail on Flickr.
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Main Street Station, 1958. 
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Really though.

Can it be July 24 and 25th already so it can be pay day? But really can it be July 28 because my funds won’t be 100 % available until that very Monday. Then July 30 & July 31 because I have to pay all my fucking bills leaving me with nothing. But still be satisfied since I’ll be done paying off my iPhone and Disneyland pass.

Money. Money. Money. UGH

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I got my palm read today!

My tita’s friend, Tita Gemma, is a palm reader and here are the things she told me. I don’t exactly believe in such things; it was just for fun but I’m writing this down somewhere and maybe I can look back on it and see if any of her predictions came true hahah!

I will live a long life.

I am a worrier.

I will finish college.

She saw myself owning a condo.

She also saw a red car in my future lol.

She saw in my palm that I’ve been in three relationships. [Two past, one current (hi babe)]

She said that there are hidden feelings that have not been brought up, either on my end or from another person (interesting…)

She said not to have two boyfriends at the same time ever again (o___o woman, how did you know..)

She also said that I won’t pay attention to any guys who try to court me because I’m only serious about one person.

My future man will work in the medicine field, lol yay big $ (babe lol)

My future man will also be chinky (lol that’s all you hunnay)

But she did say that I will get into a fight/argument with a close friend over a boy and she/he will hold a grudge against me.

She also said to be careful around mature, older people.

There will be a very very close friend who will stab my back.

She said that a married man, 28-30 years old will try to pursue me (gross).

Don’t lift anything heavy, it could affect my menstrual cycle, haha.

Take care of my back and my stomach lol.

That’s pretty much all of it and much of what I can remember :)

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Getty Villa (: 
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Tom’s Spot in 500 Days of Summer!
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Have you ever..

Felt happy with someone and realized that so much time has gone by between the both of you? My bf and I have been together for almost 2.5 years & I’m excited. He’ll finally be my longest relationship, (technically if you count the months we dated, he’d already be my longest). I never really thought I would be in a long term relationships again especially after high school. I pictured being tied down maybe after college or something but to be honest, my college experience has been the best. Not only is my bf my personal driver (lol) he’s my best friend. I know a lot of couples say that about their significant other but foreal, this dude is someone I can crack jokes with, put up with my attitude and still accept me for my weird ass self. After being in a relationship all three years of high school, I told my self staying single with be fun. Maybe if I had gone to a UC or moved away from home, I’d be single af hahah, but since I commute and everything + the fact that CSUN isn’t exactly a party school, having EJay around has been a blessing. We’ve managed to pull through six semester together. It’s crazy to think that breaking up has never crossed my mind. Okay, maybe like once or twice when our arguments seemed like hell x 1000 but I think all of the bickering and disagreeing we’ve done the past three years has only made us stronger. When people ask me how he and I are doing, I just tell them, “we’re chillin’” hahah because really we are. It’s nice having someone to experience things with like concerts, shows, and basically going everywhere around LA eating new things. I think the best part about my relationship with EJay is that we have another life other than just always hanging out. It might not seem like it with all our IG posts and tweets, but the fact that we both make time for other people like our friends makes me so happy. He does his own thing, and I do mine. He allows me to be independent but also helps me in my decisions. I really do enjoy his company and growing up with him every day has really been the best part of my college experience.

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here’s to impatient assholes

i’ve been watching this repeatedly for the last 3 minutes and it’s still perfect

let’s have a toast to the douche bags

i’d like to think that everyone who witnessed this all collectively braked and laughed together
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